integrating contact improvisation into non-violent communication learning

How to integrate CI into Non-Violent Communication (NVC) teachings

I utilize Contact Improvisation as the primary method to deepen my understanding, and that of others, regarding the functioning of our nervous systems on a somatic level, as well as the behavioral patterns they exhibit when triggered. Through spontaneous movement and touch exploration, we gain insight into our physical responses, which can then be translated effortlessly into emotional, cognitive, and spiritual realms. This process allows us to tap into our embodied cognition, uncover learned patterns, and consciously replace automatic reactions with intentional ones that foster closeness, harmony, and intimacy.

Contact Improvisation, as a non-hierarchical dance form centered on the politics of responsibility, enables practitioners to respond to each moment with integrity, making it a valuable tool for those seeking to cultivate non-violent communication.


Learning Contact Improvisation with Liza is an exceptional experience.

Her unique insights and approach elevate the practice, making it invaluable for personal development.

Elli Pieper
DanceAbility Certified Teacher, Musician

Liza not only guided our meetings but also coordinated our individual research efforts between meetings

What stands out most of all is Liza's vision is her ability to engage people and to bring out their best - to achieve surprising results.

Mark McAlister

If you have a chance to work with Liza, do not pass it up! She is wonderful!

She truly cares about the betterment of the world and all those around her. She will do all she can to help you improve your life and support you in your journey

Nataliya Zlotnikov
Healthcare content writer at Embodia Inc, Founder & Personal trainer at Emergency Room Fitness, Dancer at KasheDance

a resource for anyone seeking to resolve conflict and trauma.

Liza’s sincere passion for deep trauma healing and conflict negotiation is evident in the work that she does and shines through in the many conversations we’ve had. In combination with the knowledge and tools she has, this makes her a resource for anyone seeking to resolve conflict and trauma.

Teresie Schafranek Solum Hommersand 

Only love and cooperation builds the world

Liza and I come from completely different upbringings, different cultures, religions, language, and ethnicity. And yet, through our communication with genuine intentions, I found a friend, an adversary, a beacon of hope. Liza wants to heal the world with love and her beautiful smile. I not only commend her for it, but I also encourage her.

Nishanto Pishon
Design Engineer

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