Dancing with Pain

Falling is a necessary component of walking.

As someone who's been living with Fibromyalgia and Endometriosis for over a decade, I'm constantly searching for ways to alleviate the pain through a holistic approach. My personal preference, when coping with my own pain, is (as much as possible) to avoid fast solutions that take care of symptoms and to tap into the core of the felt sense and trace its movement through the body's topography. The form of Contact Improvisation emerged in the late 6os and early 70s in New York. The form developed from the tension between dance as something that is seen and something that is felt. In CI we mostly work without mirrors and focus on the felt sense. When working with pain I offer the possibility of gently tapping into the spaces in our bodies that can experience freedom of movement and lack of tension. From these sensations, we seek to move towards pleasure and effortlessness. I offer individual and group sessions in person and online, at home, in the studio, and outdoors.

Discover more about our "Dancing with Pain" exclusive 4-week course for women and secure your spot for the upcoming session starting on May 19th, 2024. Don't miss this opportunity to explore holistic pain management techniques and embark on a journey towards healing and empowerment. Reserve your place today!



Learning Contact Improvisation with Liza is an exceptional experience.

Her unique insights and approach elevate the practice, making it invaluable for personal development.

Elli Pieper
DanceAbility Certified Teacher, Musician

Liza, thank you!

Liza, the wake on Saturday was so so so beautiful and a big part of it was the inspiration and support you offered me, so thank you!

Meghan Hellstern
Human-centered design, public sector innovation, facilitation and capacity-building

If you have a chance to work with Liza, do not pass it up! She is wonderful!

She truly cares about the betterment of the world and all those around her. She will do all she can to help you improve your life and support you in your journey

Nataliya Zlotnikov
Healthcare content writer at Embodia Inc, Founder & Personal trainer at Emergency Room Fitness, Dancer at KasheDance

Liza is a heart-centred soul and a true artist

I have had the pleasure of facilitating a grief circle with Liza, in which she created a container of safety, empathy, and creative expression for our participants. We have also collaborated on her visual story "The Nine-Month Snail Dance" in which she shared her deeply personal story about grief, acceptance, and healing. 

Jessica Fan
Senior Advisor at Canadian Digital Service | Systems Change, Design Strategy, Executive Coaching

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