Contact Improvisation Classes

Falling is a necessary component of walking.

The question that guided Steve Paxton and Nancy Stark Smith in their research of Contact in the late 60s and early 70s was: "How can I survive a Fall?" I offer CI classes for individuals who are curious to research their movement and their ability to give and take weight, to work closely with the floor and lose balance only to regain it anew. Through the sessions we build trust, rely on the unexpected and play with gravity, momentum and other physical forces. I offer classes for individuals, couples and groups online, in a studio and outdoors.

You can join our weekly classes in Beer Sheva, Israel. In order to register, follow the link below. By clicking it, you'll be transferred to an external site. If you encounter any tech issues, please reach out Liza via WhatsApp: +972 58 6793382

I want to register to your CI classes

When: Mondays 8:30pm - 9:45pm

Where: Bat Dor Beer Sheva, 13 HaShalom Street 


Learning Contact Improvisation with Liza is an exceptional experience.

Her unique insights and approach elevate the practice, making it invaluable for personal development.

Elli Pieper
DanceAbility Certified Teacher, Musician

If you have a chance to work with Liza, do not pass it up! She is wonderful!

She truly cares about the betterment of the world and all those around her. She will do all she can to help you improve your life and support you in your journey

Nataliya Zlotnikov
Healthcare content writer at Embodia Inc, Founder & Personal trainer at Emergency Room Fitness, Dancer at KasheDance

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