Collective Spaces for Somatic Grief Practice

Grief is often seen as a personal journey, but recognizing that it's a universal human experience underscores the importance of collective support. Understanding that our somatic connections impact our relationships and well-being, I create spaces for communal somatic Grief Practice. Through community grief circles, whether in person or via Zoom, we come together to share time and space, offering tools for collective mourning and finding meaning amidst anguish. These circles incorporate expressive practices like writing, somatic movement, chanting, and meditation. Reach out for more information and to book your spot.


Liza, thank you!

Liza, the wake on Saturday was so so so beautiful and a big part of it was the inspiration and support you offered me, so thank you!

Meghan Hellstern
Human-centered design, public sector innovation, facilitation and capacity-building

Liza is a heart-centred soul and a true artist

I have had the pleasure of facilitating a grief circle with Liza, in which she created a container of safety, empathy, and creative expression for our participants. We have also collaborated on her visual story "The Nine-Month Snail Dance" in which she shared her deeply personal story about grief, acceptance, and healing. 

Jessica Fan
Senior Advisor at Canadian Digital Service | Systems Change, Design Strategy, Executive Coaching

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