3 Somatic Grief Practice sessions

One on one 3 Somatic Grief Practice sessions through movement and/or writing

● You can book Liza for 3 sessions via Zoom: 
Length: 50 min each session
Investment: $119 per session = $357

What are the conditions for the session to take place?
Please make sure you have a proper WiFi connection and a private space where you can be for 50 min.
Turn off your phone and any other devices that might take your attention from the session.

A sessions can be canceled or rescheduled 48 hours in advance with no cancellation fee Less than 48 hrs, we will ask you to pay the full amount of the session.

If you are struggling financially right now and would like to go through an SGP session/process with Liza please reach out.
Liza will approach each case individually and will try to assist you as much as she can.

More sessions options:

Somatic Grief Practice Sessions

Investment: $131


Keeper of the Clouds

Tampold PublishingSoftcoverOct 2016 | 16 pages

5 Somatic Grief Practice sessions

Investment: $103 per session = $515


Liza Futerman

My lifelong goal is to spread awareness about the intricacies of our nervous systems, emphasizing the importance of tuning into our bodies as a pathway to enhancing resilience both on an individual level and within our communities.