A workshop + a "body" show with a new Roni

Let's start by letting the body drop to the floor and feel its full weight. From there we will continue to warm up on the floor where we will try to maintain this lying ability of ours and work from softness, weight, pushing and extending out through the ends of the body. After thorough treatment through the floor, we will stand, and continue to examine the same relationships while standing - our connection to the floor which we push and to which we release - with the aim of maintaining the articulation, fluidity, softness and lack of grip that the floor allowed us before. Finally, we will learn a short movement course or by its annoying but clear name 'combination', in which we will experience our ability to break down the way in which we perceive movement, break down the movement itself and break down control in order to sense and feel our body without apologizing, to give ourselves a place to celebrate being a magnificent body, special, emotional, personal.