Of Parsnips and Mother Tongues: A Short Memoir

This short piece was written in Toronto and was largely inspired by discussions with members of the “MemoryLoss” research group at the Centre for Memory and Testimony Studies at Wilfred Laurier University, in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Special thanks goes to Noam Lemish for drawing my attention to the ways in which we communicate our identities through our multiple native and non-native tongues. I wish to thank Josh Tapper and Alexis Lerner for their valuable feedback towards the publication of this piece.

Suggested citation:

Futerman, Liza. "Of Parsnips and Mother Tongues." University of Toronto Journal of Jewish Thought, Volume 1, no. 5 (2015).

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Liza Futerman

My lifelong goal is to spread awareness about the intricacies of our nervous systems, emphasizing the importance of tuning into our bodies as a pathway to enhancing resilience both on an individual level and within our communities.

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