April 19, 2024

A Living Movement Workshop

The Annual Program for Somatic Learning & Arts Presents:

“A Living Movement Workshop”

 with Lotan Sapir 

April 19th 2024

10am - 2pm

Bat Dor Beer Sheva Dance School, Derech HaShalom 13

“Times are urgent, let us slow down"

(An African Proverb)

This is an embodied-based workshop with group improvisation, imagination and creative practice that draws on the sensations and emotions we experience towards a changing world. This will be a co-creation which will explore the transformative force a collective movement can with-hold. 

What to expect?

Part 1 - We will work through the tools of movement improvisation and physical theatre and will allow our imagination to expand the boundaries of our consciousness. We will explore a rhythm of unison group improvisation and will observe physical gestures that come from our emotions and body sensations related to the movement that is taking place in the world right now through us. We will collect all these gestures and create a joint work with them that looks at the power of collective movement as a group and the possibility of transformation through this movement.

Part 2 - In the last hour of the workshop, the participants of the workshop will be able to invite into the space people who will observe and hold space for the process. As a participating group, we will create an improvisational score in which the spectators will be able to feel like an active part of the creation

(The participants are encouraged to invite a friend or two in advance to come and participate in the process during the last hour of the workshop).

Who is it for?

No previous experience of movement or theatre is necessary. The space does ask for physical and emotional participation in the creation of the space. Therefore, every person who feels they want to participate, the space is open for them. Knowing how you operate in a creative space filled with mutual inspiration could be beneficial for your individual experience and for the group dynamics. The space can offer ample tools for professionals in the following fields: movement and theatre therapy, activism, movement/theatre education, individuals who seek inspiration and other creative tools.

For registration:

 Liza Futerman: 0586793382


Early bird: Register before April 5th: 290 nis

Regular price: Register on April 5th and onwards: 330 nis

About Lotan Sapir

A creative artist, dancer and facilitator of transition ceremonies through creativity and nature. Facilitates group processes for conscious, social and ecological change, the spaces Lotan holds open up pathways for expression and transformation of feelings that sit deep within our bodies into acts of celebration and creativity

Lotan studied deep ecology, living systems and 'The Work that Reconnects' with Joanna Macy and transformative rites of passage in nature at The School of Lost Borders in California, USA.

In addition, she studied movement, Laban technique, pantomime and physical theatre in England. She has a rich background of  directing, choreographing, artistic management and mentoring creative processes in Israel, London and the United States

Lotan is mother to Alia Baer and wife to Sol Ron, currently lives in Keremi Yosef.


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“We see dance as a political, healing, transformative act. A form of Artivism.”

Liza Futerman 

The Annual Program for Somatic Learning was created out of the deep need to bring forward somatic movement practices’ healing nature and transformative force. To these ends we’ve decided to bring together movers and body workers, dancers and artists, somatic experience healers and practitioners as well as individuals who have little to none experience in movement but feel that they are ready to dive in gently and curiously into somatic practices that could enrich their lives. We invite individuals with and without disabilities to come together and join us on a monthly basis for 11 consecutive months. Each workshop offers an in-depth somatic exploration of 3 - 5 hours each. Every month we meet at a dance school in Beer-Sheva with internationally-renowned dance teachers whose activity in the world touches on somatic movement practices as an art through which one can express the body and mind and heal parts that seek healing both within the individual and within our society. 

Liza Futerman (MA, MST) is the CEO and Founder of the International School of Human Thought & HeARTivism and The Centre for Somatic Learning & Arts.