Michaela Bekenn

BA, MMT Certified Sound Therapy Practitioner Meditation & Yoga Guide

Liza is a kind heart, an intuitive leader, and a weaver of community. We met at the University of Toronto where Liza was leading an advocacy group centered on destigmatizing Dementia I was moved by her easeful way of inviting conversation and creating inclusive space for all voices to feel welcome. Her passion for humanitarian outreach sends ripples out into many corners of the globe. Liza is also an interdisciplinary artist. Her writing, movement, and storytelling practice invites introspection while inspiring cross-cultural and intergenerational dialogue. Liza's depthful insights and vibrant zest for life is a gift to this world.

My ToolBox

I work with a rich variety of somatic tools to help alleviate emotional and physical pain and help individuals become agents of change.